Joseph Federico

Clifton, New Jersey

Joseph Federico, VP of NJMET

As the Vice President and Director of Operations at NJoseph Federico Clifton NJJMET, Joseph Federico has established the company as a market leader, with branches in England, and throughout the United States.  A 32-year veteran of the company, Joseph Federico has developed NJMET into a leading provider of leading edge electronic components and parts testing.  Clifton New Jersey based NJMET offers an array of services, including digital testing, reliability and environmental conditioning, and a variety of other testing methodologies and programs. 

One of the most sought-after counterfeit electronics experts in the world, Joseph Federico is the first American engineer  from New Jersey to receive invitations to China, Israel, and Russia to meet with aerospace companies and electronic component distributors to raise awareness about electrical component counterfeiting.  He received the Israeli ODEM (Diamond) award in recognition of his efforts in developing the technology to prevent counterfeit and cloned component fraud.  He developed Mission  Imposter®, a comprehensive inspection process performed by NJMET that is designed to detect counterfeit and cloned electronic component products.

Mr. Federico also represents NJMET at conferences and trade shows. He often speaks at these events on the subject of testing for counterfeit electronic component testing. (cite examples here)  As director of operations, Joseph was instrumental in creating NJMET’s Mission Imposter Counterfeit Component Detection Program.

NJMET was founded in Clifton, New Jersey over 30 years ago.. With its laboratory and headquarters still in Clifton, New Jersey, NJMET now has sales offices in Los Angeles and Denver.

A Wayne New Jersey resident, Joseph Federico and NJMET’s efforts to promote awareness of counterfeiting led to honors from Heartbeat of America, a television program hosted by William Shatner. During the show, Joseph Federico and NJMET received the Keeping America Strong award, presented by retired United States Navy Rear Admiral Kevin F. Delaney.

Trained as an engineer, Joseph Federico oversee NJMET's engineers and engineering assistants in their testing of electronic components.